Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 32

Happy April Fools day!
Man did I get my coworker good. It wasnt even a very creative prank but it was so funny to watch him this morning. I did the change the background of his computer trick.
When he left work yesterday I stayed behind and took a picture of his desktop as he left it. (He doesnt close any programs and leaves all the windows open, this made it work so much better)
Then I changed his desktop picture to the picture I had just take with all his windows. We use macs at work so I moved this dock to the right side of his second screen and 'hid it' unless he was to scroll over the area, which I really hoped he wouldn't. Then I closed all his programs and put on his all his desktop icons into a folder and hid it. Then I went home and thought about it all night.
I made sure I came to work early so I was the first one here. And I sat and waited. I was starting to get nervous because if it didnt work I would look stupid. But boy did it work!
He came in from a Thursday night of partying, "I'm not feeling 100%" he said. I know it was going to be fantastic at that moment. I pulled out my point and shoot and started videotaping him clicking around his computer for about a minute until he turned around and said. "Agnes, I think there is something wrong with my computer." I wanted to play along longer but he saw me holding the camera, so I yelled April Fool's!


Now back to the picture today, I just really needed to share that story.
The third coffee shop we went to was Crafted: By Te Aro. This place had a nice atmosphere inside. Didnt seem like a whole lot of seating area and surprisingly that one window absorbed so much heat, it was so hot in there. I got a Misto here, not my favourite but it was alright. I always forget that I need a bit of sweet in my coffee so when I get something like that, its hard to put sugar in it and it ruins my experience. Totally my own fault though.
I really like the outside and sign for this place. Ahhh yes, and it is on Ossington, just North of Queen

Yay! Weekend


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