Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 38

Manic Coffee, second last coffee shop. It was quarter to eight by this time, and we were pooped.
The caffeine was making us grumpy and our feet hurt.
Manic seemed nice, I really couldnt give a decent critique because we were in there a whole three minutes. But the barista did seem like they thought they were the greatest coffee maker EVER. Not my favourite person.
I got yet another latte, I barely drank any. My taste buds were fried by now. Nothing tasted good anymore. As we were walking to our final shop, we got into a discussion after I said that if I saw a homeless person right then I would offer them my coffee. and Bruce said that he probably wouldn't take it even if he was homeless. Me I think I would take it. It was a cold night, and at that point I hadn't even tried it yet.
But that is one of the reasons I fell for the kid, we can have such in depth conversation about nothing at all.
Well that's all for today.

Please note the lighting difference from the start of the adventure through til the end.
Long Day.


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