Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 31

Today is the last day that I can use the date to keep me on track on what day I am on.
A whole month of blogging has already passed. I cant believe how fast March went by.

Back to the coffee shops, the second place we went to was T.A.N. on Queen West as well.
Another great place. The barista we had was actually working her first day, and instead of being bitter when I asked a question, she was super sweet and simple asked her coworker to explain. I love people that aren't afraid to ask questions. You're not going to learn otherwise.

I got another vanilla latte, also delicious, and this is the one that had the cute double heart that I posted a few days ago.
This is also where I decided to show what number the cafe was on our list.
I think everyone that walked passed us thought I was doing the Asian tourist pose.

Aw well!


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