Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 36

I Deal Coffee in Kensington. There were two I Deal's on the list, the other I have already shown.
This one we got to about 5 minutes before close. We were obviously all pumped up from all the coffee we'd been drinking and the barista really put a damper on things. My boyfriend couldnt handle anymore coffee so he asked for a peppermint tea. The reply was, 'actually you can really only get coffee with that card.' So we both ended up getting a coffee. I got an Americano. My boyfriend said it was because of all the lattes that I was drinking, but it did not taste good. But yeah well go with the lattes.
Then the barista started bashing another coffee shop. I know you guys compete a little but theres no need to be rude. So I was a little turned off at this one. And was ready to go to number 8.

Which turned out to be the one that was being bashed.
More on that tomorrow.


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