Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 27

This weekend was so busy. Well thats kind of a lie. Saturday was busy. Then Sunday was a day for recouping from Saturday.

Saturday the boy  and I went around the city going to coffee shops.
He bought me an Indie Coffee Passport for Christmas, also one for himself.
There are 25 independent Toronto coffee shops on it and for a cost of $25 you can go to each of these coffee shops and enjoy a coffee for up for $5 each.
We live in the East end and both work walking distance from where we live, so we dont have metropasses and never take the subway. So we had visited all the East end shops, so we got a day pass for Saturday to go finish up the passport as it end on the 31st.  What we didnt realize was how close the West end ones were to each other. We spent nine hours going from shop to shop taking pictures and drinking coffee. We ended up missing one because we didnt plan our dinner out well and it closed. But we managed to visit ten shops. The next thirteen days, I will be sharing one picture each day from our adventures.
Today, is a picture of my coffee from T.A.N. on Queen St.
It looked like there were two little hearts in the foam, so I just couldnt resist.

Enjoy the next two weeks of pictures!


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